The Intertribal Creatives storefront is undergoing renovations to return in Spring 2021. We are please to announce our online store is arriving to the Running Strong website in January 2021! Follow @IntertribalCreatives on Instagram for more updates.

Intertribal Creatives Collective is a safe space to celebrate the art, culture, business, and community work of Indigenous people, located on ancestral Piscataway and Anacostan land in Old Town Alexandria, VA. Our mission is to serve as an accessible, layered resource to both the local and broader Native community by allowing Natives to connect with other Indigenous people throughout the country.

Our gallery houses and sells authentic visual art, handmade jewelry, and other forms of self-expression from Native artisans, entrepreneurs and creatives, providing them exposure and support from the community on a local and national level. The purpose is to encourage Natives to reconnect with their community, culture, language, and traditional practices.

We offer the wider DMV community a unique experience by raising the voices of Indigenous leaders and artisans and through each piece of work educating our community about what it means to be Indigenous.